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Made in America from the highest quality ingredients, Fumee Disposable Vapes are fast becoming a customer favorite.

With five delicious flavors and 5 mg of premium salt nicotine per vape, Fumee delivers unrivaled satisfaction for former smokers.

Our exclusive e-liquid formula was created to deliver the heavy flavor and complete smoothness without harmful chemicals, such as benzoic acid, that damage the lungs. The result is a potent and tasty experience. Just one pull is all it takes to taste the Fumee difference.

Our Watermelon Flavor has a summertime fresh taste that’s perfect for a quick pick-me-up. Each pull delivers the slightly sweet and tangy flavor of a freshly harvested watermelon. It’s the perfect choice for the vaper who desires a subtly sweet experience.

For vapers who desire a more robust taste, our Tobacco Flavor can’t be beat. Ideal for former smokers or those who enjoy a hearty flavor, this flavor is as close to the experience of smoking as possible. This flavor was specifically created to replace cigarettes without sacrificing taste.

For former menthol smokers, Fumee’s take on Menthol flavor provides a great-tasting alternative. Every inhale coats the mouth with the refreshing and cool feeling. It’s a great pick for vapers who enjoy a minty and energizing sensation. 

PMTA Process and Application

Application has been accepted

Fumee is proud that the FDA has accepted Premarket Tobacco Product Applications (PTMAs) applications for all our e-liquid flavors. The approval ensures that our products comply with government regulations and safe from being seized or taken off the shelves of local retail establishments.

Accepted PTMAs mean that our products adhere to requirements put forth by the Center for Tobacco Products jurisdiction and confirm that the stature and regulation requirements of the application are met based upon Section 910 of the FD&C Act and the criteria set forth in S.1105.10.

To gain PTMA approval, we submitted information and lab reports regarding our ingredients, additives, the properties of our products, our principles of operation, and a description of how each product is manufactured.

We also performed batch testing and stability analysis on its product line. As part of our tests, our scientific team checks for accurate nicotine content, any metals in the nicotine product, the presence of acetates and ketones in the e-liquid, the amount of glycol in the nicotine product, and the presence of N-butanol, furfural, and Benzyl alcohols, among others.

We use laboratory-grade equipment and procedures that follow the CORESTA protocols and GMP conditions. We also created an environmental assessment that documents our manufacturing, supply chain, and disposal processes to determine the impact our company has on the environment and processes to reduce e-waste to the environment.

A Better Kind of e-Liquid

Fumee vapes rise above other brands thank to a superior e-liquid.

Our e-liquid is made with 5 mg of premium salt nicotine, which doesn’t cause the rough throat hit that freebased nicotine delivers. Salt nicotine not only creates a more pleasant experience, it also allows higher concentrations of nicotine, leading to a more potent vape.

Nicotine salt is the natural state of nicotine as found in tobacco leaves, which makes it more stable than the freebase form found in other vapes.

We also avoid harsh chemical additives, like Benzoic acid, which have been shown to damage lungs.

Instead, Fumee relies on higher quality alternatives. The result is a smooth and flavorful vaping experience that

Fumee vapes also solve the problem of leave-behind odors. Our NextGen technology and premium liquids deliver a smooth, flavorful vaping experience without leaving a tell-tale smell of ash or stale smoke. Our vapes are the perfect choice for vaping at home or in the car.

Vendor Support Program

Retailers who want to get the greatest value can partner directly with us through our Vendor Support Program.

 The benefits of a partnership include promotional units, access to knowledgeable field representatives, and help from our support staff.

 We proudly offer a variety of in-store countertop units and promotional displays to help you move product and gain customer interest.

 Our Acrylic Display holds 80 single packs, displayed on two levels. This smart-looking black countertop display displays all five Fumee flavors on both its tiers.

 For shops with less counter space, the slightly smaller Slim Display is a gray countertop display that holds 48 Fumee single packs across two levels. Each level displays three e-liquid flavors for a total of six.

 At a slightly smaller level, the Nano Display contains 40 single packs spread in an even five-pack row.

 No matter how much space you have, Fumee has an option that can fit your countertop and catch the eyes of customers.

 Whether you need display units, promotional material, extra stock, or advice, they’re equipped to meet your needs.

 Members can even schedule a visit with a sales representative. During a visit, our sales staff will come to your location to train and educate your staff on the particulars and advantages of Fumee products.

 To join Fumee’s Vendor Support Program, contact us today.

Start a Wholesale Account

If you’re interested in starting a wholesale account with Fumee, gaining access to our sales representatives, support staff, and extra benefits, contact us today.

 Working directly with us means you’ll have the best support and pricing available. Our goal is to help you succeed, no matter what your needs are.

 Drop us a line and start your account today.