• Comfortable Mouthpiece

    Our reliable mouthpiece is made using food-grade material that's easy to clean.

  • Liquid Capacity

    We offer 2 mL of liquid in each of our devices. Our proprietary liquid uses the highest grade of salt nicotine and no benzoic acid.

  • Battery Capacity

    Our 380 mAh battery offers a long and consistent battery life for a reliable smoking experience. The battery is also rechargeable to ensure that our users can make full use of the large 2 mL liquid capacity we offer in all our devices.

  • Light Indicator

    We use an LED indicator that makes it easy to see that the device is working and will also indicate when the battery is running low, providing a trouble-free and simple vaping experience.

Fumée was designed for smokers, by smokers.

Our clean and simple disposable devices use high-quality materials, allowing smokers to enjoy a satisfying vaping experience.

Our premium e-liquid is made in America under cGMP conditions to allow smokers a clean and enjoyable smoking experience. Our e-liquid is made with the highest grade of salt nicotine and no benzoic acid.

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