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Fumée Wholesaler Programs

We have an array of programs that we offer to C-stores, including rebate programs, limited time offers, and sponsorship programs. We are proud to work with the backbone of the smoking industry that are C-stores and smoke shops. We offer post-sale support to all of our customers, static clings, counter displays, as well as sponsorships to our VIP clients.


Vehicle Ad Program

One program we offer to our C-store and smoke shop partners is the option to have Fumée logos and marketing added to your trucks and vans by giving you truck wraps and decals.



Promotional Carboard Display

Our promotional display program is perfect for helping stores start with Fumée. If you order 5 inner boxes of Fumée, we will give you a free promotional display filled with 15 units.

The 15 units and display will be at no additional cost and the units will be marked for sale at $1.99.



Marketing Materials




What is Fumée?

Fumée is a company that provides a new vaping alternative with e-liquid based on salt nicotine.

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